The Bellinzona and Valleys region

Bellinzona and Valleys is an unpretentious and diverse region interwoven with all its distinctive natural, cultural, gastronomic, historical and traditional characteristics. It’s a destination just waiting to be explored, rich with the most traditional rustic of Ticino while also possessing great potential.

The region offers diverse summer and winter activities — from the more relaxing to those for adventure and nature lovers.


The rustic of Blenio Valley

Nicknamed the Valley of the Sun, the Blenio Valley is a paradise for nature lovers to discover. In summer, the area lends itself to beautiful hiking and mountain bike excursions, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. During the winter season, skiing and sledding slopes seem geared specifically for families. Or follow the snowy cross-country skiing trails on the plains.

The rich history of the Valley lives on in the Napoleonic militia parades, in the rooms of small and austere museums, in the ruins of the Serravalle Castle and in the halls of the Cima Norma factory where the ancient art of chocolate making has given way to the aromas and flavors of the region.

There are also hundreds of small rustic cottages in this Valley where guests can spend their holiday in an authentic and characteristic way.

Blenio Valley

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